Vocational Training

We are running Vocational Training Center at E-6, Sultan Puri & we are providing following courses.

computer-typingWe are providing both English-Hindi typing classes on typewriters for both the genders i.e. male and female. Now-a-days everybody is using computer but typing on typewriter having very much importance because there are so many jobs in India where in some fields entrance tests are required and only manual typewriters are used.

Class: Monday to Saturday
Batch: – 8 batches (1 hour for each batch)
Duration: 6 month
Qualification: minimum 10th passed

mehandi-designWe are providing Mehandi classes only for females. It is widely used throughout Asia. Mehandi is mostly used on festivals and wedding ceremonies. It is most commonly applied on hands and feet.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batch : 1 batch (1.5 hours)
Duration : 6 month
Qualification : Not required


Hand Embroidery
hand-embroideryWe are providing hand embroidery classes to females only. It is very much in trend & good source of income. We have expert instructors for that.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 2 (1.5 hours each)
Duration : 6 months
Qualification: – not required

We are providing tuition classes to poor and needy students who cannot afford tuition fee of expensive institutes. We have prepared teaching classes according to school board pattern. There are separate rooms for coaching. We conduct classes for Maths, English and Science. We have experienced and expert teachers.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 5 Batch

english-speaking-classEnglish is a West Germanic language that was first spoken in early medieval England and is now-a-days a global lingua franca. It is an official language of almost 60 sovereign states and most commonly spoken language including the UK, US, Canada, Australia, Ireland, New Zealand etc. It is the third most common native language in the world. It is widely learned as a second language and is an official language of the European Union and of the United Nations, as well as of many world organizations. Now-a-days it is very much important to communicate in English. We have experienced and expert faculties for that. We are providing speaking classes for both male/female.

Classes : Monday to Friday
Batches : 3 batch (1.5 hours each)
Qualification : Minimum 10th

Cutting & Tailoring
vocational-training-fssbWe are providing stitching/ cutting classes. It helps them to learn how to make designer clothes. We teach them basic stitching for making apparels for ladies and kids. It’s a job-oriented course which is very much in trend now-a days.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 2 (2 hr each)
Qualification : Minimum 5th passed
Duration : 6th months/1 year

Basic Computer
computer-educationThis program has essentially been conceived with an idea of giving an opportunity to the students to attain computer literacy thereby contribution to increase speedy PC generation in different walks of life. After completing the basic course of computer, person would be able to use the computer for basic purpose i.e. preparing letter, sending e-mails, maintaining small accounts etc. Computer knowledge is very much essential in every section. We are providing basic course to both male/female.

Classes : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 7 batches (1 hr each)
Duration : 6 months
Qualification : Minimum 10th passed, Content : Ms-office & Internet

Computer Hardware
Computer Hardware is the collection of physical elements that constitutes computer system. Computer Hardware refers to the physical part or components of a computer such as the monitor, mouse, keyboard, computer data storage, hard drive disk system unit, etc. all which are physical objects that can be touched. Hardware knowledge is very essential and it is a job oriented good course for males. We are providing Hardware course for men only.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 2 (1.5 hr each)
Duration : 1 year
Qualification : Minimum 10th pass and basic software knowledge.

Computer Tally 9.0 ERP
Tally is financial accounting software that is correctly used in 88 countries beyond its native India. This software is mainly used for voucher, financial statements, and taxation in many industries, and has specialized package for retail. We are providing Tally to both male/female and we have expert faculties for that.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 3 (1 hr each)
Duration : 6 Months
Qualification Minimum 12th pass (commerce site)

Beauty Culture and Hair Dressing
We are providing beauty culture and hair dressing classes to female candidates only. It is a job- oriented course. Now-a-days everyone wants to look beautiful and attractive at any cost. This is the course where we can teach the different and best ways of makeup, dressing and hair styles. There are many kinds of makeup and hair styles in this course.

Class : Monday to Saturday
Batches : 2 batches (1.5 hr each)
Qualification : Minimum 8th passed
Duration : 6th months/1 year

Personality Development
Personality Development fundamentally means grooming and enhancing ones’ inner and outer personality to bring in the positive change in his/her life. Each and every individual features a distinct personality that could be polished, refined and developed. This technique includes improving communication, language speaking abilities and boosting ones confidence; including the grace and style of the way one appears. We have trained and expert faculties for that.

Class : 3 days in a week (Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday) .
Batches : 1 Batch (2 hr)
Duration : 1 year
Qualification: – Minimum 12th pass

Training Programs
We are also providing many other certified courses free of cost, like:-

  • Self defense training program : Our goal is to give girls useful information so that she can ensure her personal safety and protect herself from violence and crime.
  • Road Safety program : This program is to spread awareness on road safety amongst our students. The students are taught about rules and regulations and live demonstration and traffic drills. We organize rallies too.
  • Food and Nutrition Training Program : The course provides excellent opportunity to learn how to cook nutrition food.
  • Disaster Management Program : This course provides excellent opportunity to learn about the disaster risk reduction under professional guidance students to gain the confidential  and practical experiences.